HF-SP102 Mitsubishi AC Brushless Rotary Servo Motor 1000W 2000RPM

HF-SP102 Mitsubishi AC Brushless Rotary Servo Motor 1000W 2000RPM

• Mitsubishi HF-SP102 AC servo motor

• HFSP102 servomotor

• HF series electric servo motor

• HF-SP102 brushless servo motor

• Medium inertia, medium power capacity

• Brushless servo motor

• HF-SP series 3-phase servomotors

• Compatible with MR-J3-100A

HF-SP102 AC servo motor is manufactured by MITSUBISHI, also called AC brushless rotary servo motor, compatible with Servo Amplifier Model: MR-J3-100A/B/T, like MR-J3-100A; HF-SP102 is one kind of medium inertia, medium power capacity servo motor, straight shaft, built-in absolute feedback encod. (18-bit), 2000rpm, rated output 1000W, rated current 5.3A, supply voltage 200Vac class, rated torque 4.77Nm, IP67. There is no oil seal or an electromagnetic brake. 


Feature of HF-SP102 AC servo motor:

• Two types of rated speed are available

• Application for material handling systems

• Medium inertia, medium power capacity

Specification of HF-SP102 AC servo motor:




Mitsubishi Electric


AC brushless rotary servo motor

Product series

MELSERVO J3 series

Sub-range name

HF-SP series

Rotational speed

2000rpm- 3000rpm (maximum)

Rated current (A)


Maximum current (A)


Rated active power (kW)


Rated torque (N·m)


Max torque (N·m)


Speed/position detector

18-bit encoder (resolution: 262144 p/rev)



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