MR-J3-70B Mitsubishi AC Servo Driver Melservo-J3 Servo Amplifier 750W

MR-J3-70B Mitsubishi AC Servo Driver Melservo-J3 Servo Amplifier 750W

• MELSERVO-J3 servo motor controller

• MRJ370B servo controller

• AC servo amplifier

• MR-J3 servo drive amplifier

• Mitsubishi MR-J3-B servo amplifier

• MELSERVO-J3-Super series

• MR-J3-70B SSCNET III servo drive

• MELSERVO J3 series

MR-J3-70B AC motion servo drive with brake manufactured by MITSUBISHI, Mitsubishi general-purpose servo amplifier, servo motor controller, MELSERVO-J3 Series, MELSERVO-J3-super series, Mitsubishi Electric, rated output 750W, rated current 5.8A,  1-phase 200VAC, SSCNET III.


Safety feature of MR-J3-70B servo amplifier: 

• Overload shutdown 

• Servo motor overheat protection

• Regeneration fault protection

• Undervoltage/sudden power outage protection

• Overspeed protection

• Overcurrent shutdown

• Regeneration overvoltage shutdown

• Excess error protection

Specification of MR-J3-70B servo amplifier:




Mitsubishi Electric


AC servo drive




MELSERVO J3 series

Output Rated voltage

3-phase 170VAC

Output Rated current (A)


Rated active power (kW)

750W / 0.75kW

compatibility with

HF-KP series,HF-MP series,HF-JP series,HC-UP series

Control system

Sine-wave PWM control/current control system

Dynamic brake


Structure (IP rating)

Fan cooling open (IP00)

Also, we supply:

MR-J3-10B, MR-J3CN1, MR-J3-20A, MR-J3-350B, MR-J3-60B, MR-J3-200B, MR-J3-500A, MR-J3-100B, MR-J3-200BN, MR-J3-60A, MR-J3-200A, MR-J3-70A, MR-J3-20B, MR-J3-40B.

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