TS2651N181E78 Brushless Resolvers Smartsyn Encoder Brt Smartsyn Rotary Resolver

TS2651N181E78 Brushless Resolvers Smartsyn Encoder Brt Smartsyn Rotary Resolver

• Tamagawa Seiki TS2651N181E78 Smartsyn Brushless Resolver for Lenze Motors

• Tamagawa Smartsyn Resolver TS2651N181E78 for Servo Motor

• Tamagawa TS2651N encoder TS2651N181E78

• BRT TS2651N181E78 Smartsyn Rotary Resolver 

• Hollow Shaft Resolver

• TS2651N encoder

• Smartsyn

• Servo motor encoder

Tamagawa Seiki TS2651N181E78 Smartsyn brushless resolver for Lenze Motors,also called hollow shaft resolver, TAMAGAWA BRT Smartsyn resolver encoder, servo motor injection molding machine rotary transformer, TS2651N series. Place of origin is Japan.


Features of Tamagawa Seiki TS2651N181E78:

• Wide temperature range

• High-speed rotation

•Long-distance transmission – Robustness against noise enables long-distance transmission

• High reliability – Extremely long life and high reliability are assured by the structure of mechanical parts and automated coil incorporation.

• Vibration: 196m/s2{20G} at 10Hz .500Hz, for 2 hours to each of three axes.

• Shock: 981m/s2{100G} for 6ms, 3 times to each of 6 axes, 18 times in total

Basic information of TAMAGAWA RESOLVER ENCODER TS2651N181E78:





Place of origin






Product Type

Hollow Shaft Resolver

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We can offer different brand encoders, like HEIDENHAIN SUMTAK, NEMICON, and Tamagawa Seiki, except these, we can supply spindle motor, servo motor, servo drive, pump, limit switch, sensor, etc.

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