HES-1024-2MHT 800-050-00E NEMICON Incremental Rotary Encoder Small Hollow Shaft Encoders

HES-1024-2MHT 800-050-00E NEMICON Incremental Rotary Encoder Small Hollow Shaft Encoders

• HES-1024-2MHT 800-050-00E

• Encoder Nemicon HES-1024-2MHT

• Nemicon rotary encoder 1024PPR

• Hollow type HES model

• NEMICON rotary Encoder HES Series

• Incremental rotary encoder

• Hollow shaft rotary encoder

• Small encoder

NEMICON HES-1024-2MHT-800-050-00E Encoder, the origin of place is Japan, HES Series is one kind of small hollow encoder. Also called hollow shaft rotary encoder, HES-1024-2MHT, incremental rotary encoder, HES Series, 1024P/R, push-pull output / high voltage, AB90˚ phase difference + zero signal, hollow shaft Diameter: φ8, cable length 500mm.

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Specification of HES-1024-2MHT-800-050-00E Encoder:

Brand: Nemicon

Place of origin: Japan

Name: Rotary Encoder

Model: HES-1024-2MHT

Pulse Per Revolution: 1024P/R

Signals: 2M : AB90˚ Phase Difference + Zero Signal

Output Mode: Push-Pull Output / High Voltage

Hollow Shaft Diameter: 8mm

Cable Length: 500mm

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HES-1024-2MHT-800-050-00E Encoder is widely used in printing machines, shoe machines, ceramic machines, glass machines, spray decoders, injection molding machines, automatic equipment, cutting machines, knitting machines and other areas of automatic control, computer embroidery machines, embroidery machines, textile machines, packaging machines, elevators, CNC machine tools,  cartooning machines, oil injection machines.

Except for NEMICON encoder, we also supply HEIDENHAIN EncoderMitsubishi servo motor, NIDEC SHIMPO gear box reducer. If you are interested in them, welcome your inquiry.

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