VRSFS-40C-400-SD-T1 Nidec- Shimpo Planetary Gearbox Reducer for 400W Servo Motor

VRSFS-40C-400-SD-T1 Nidec- Shimpo Planetary Gearbox Reducer for 400W Servo Motor

• VRSFS-40C-400-SD-T1 planetary gearbox reduction ratio 1:40

• Planetary reducer

• VRSFS-40C-400-SD-T1 servo motor ABLE Reducer 

• Nidec reduction drive gearbox speed reducer

• VRSFS series NIDEC gearbox

• Gear reducer

• Planetary gear reducer


Nidec-Shimp planetary gearbox ABLE reducer VRSFS-40C-400-SD-T1, place of origin is Japan, also called NIDEC gearbox, gear reducer, VRSFS series belong to one kind of special reducer for cutting machine. reduction ratio 1:40 for 400W servo motor ; output speed 75rpm ; rated power 400W ; output torque 41.6N.m. 


Features of VRSFS-40C-400-SD-T1 reducer:

VRSFS series can be well known as a special reducer for cutting machines. VRSFS-40C-400-SD-T1 reducer has excellent features such as ultra-quiet, long life, no oil leakage high precision, and high torque. It has been widely used in cutting-machine industries all over the world.

We also supply:

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Except Nidec- Shimpo VRSFS series reducer, also our company supplies the Nidec- Shimpo VRB series, and the VRSF series reducer. If you need them, we can try our best to service you. 

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