MR-J2S-40A Mitsubishi AC Servo Amplifier MELSERVO-J2-Super Servo Controller

MR-J2S-40A Mitsubishi AC Servo Amplifier MELSERVO-J2-Super Servo Controller



• MRJ2S40A Servo Amplifer 400 W

• MR-J2S-A (100V/200V) type servo controllers

• J2-Super series servo motor controller

• MELSERVO AC Servo Drive

• Mitsubishi Electric servo controller

• MELSERVO J2S series

MR-J2S-40A Mitsubishi AC servo amplifier, also called servo controllers, or servo driver, belong to the MELSERVO-J2-Super Series, J2 Super Serıes, 400W, compatible motors HC-KFS, HC-MFS, and HC-UFS43, general-purpose interface SCCNET, dynamic brake, sine wave PWM control, natural cooling system, supply voltage 200Vac-230Vac (200V class; 220Vac / 230Vac) (Single-phase input (2P) or 3-phase input (3P)).


Safety features of MR-J2S-40A Mitsubishi AC Servo Amplifier:

• Overcurrent shutdown

• Overload shutdown

• Servo motor overheat protection

• Overspeed protection

• Encoder fault protection

• Regeneration overvoltage shutdown

Specification of MR-J2S-40A AC Servo Amplifier:




Mitsubishi Electric


Servo Amplifier

Servo amplifier model


Product series


Sub-range name

MR-J2 series

Rated active power (kW)

400W / 0.4kW

Supply voltage (AC)

200Vac-230Vac (200V class; 220Vac / 230Vac)

Type of network

Single-phase input (2P) or 3-phase input (3P)

Control system

Sine-wave PWM control/current control system

Dynamic brake


Maximum input pulse frequency


Positioning feedback pulse

Resolution per encoder/servo motor rotation: 131072 p/rev


Self-cooling open (IP00)

Technical compatibility with

HC-KFS series


17-bit / 131072ppr encod. feedback input

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