MR-J3-70A Mitsubishi AC Servo Amplifier Melservo MR-J3 0.75KW Servo Motor Driver

MR-J3-70A Mitsubishi AC Servo Amplifier Melservo MR-J3 0.75KW Servo Motor Driver

• MELSERVO-J3 series AC motion servo drive

• MRJ370A General-purpose interface industrial servo amplifiers

• MR-J3-70A(N) general purpose amplifier

• Mitsubishi MR-J3-70A servo motor driver

• Melservo MR-J3 servo amplifier 

• MR-J3-70A - AC motion servo drive

• Melservo MR-J3 Servo Amplifier 700W (MRJ370A)

• MR-J3-70A Mitsubishi Servo Amp

MR-J3-70A( MRJ370A) manufactured by MITSUBISHI, also called AC motion servo drive/amplifier with built-in dynamic brake, MELSERVO J3 series, Melservo MR-J3 series, AC servo driver. general-purpose interface, compatiable with HF-KP73, HF-MP73 servo motor. Rated output 750W / 0.75kW - Rated current 5.8A, supply voltage 200Vac-230Vac (200V class; 220Vac / 230Vac), single-phase or 3-phase input, sine-wave PWM control.


Feature of MR-J3-70A Mitsubishi AC Servo Amplifier:

• Sine wave PWM control

• Built-in regenerative resistor and dynamic brake

• A plenty of Protection functions: overcurrent shut-off, overload shut-off, encoder fault protection, regeneration overvoltage shut-off, etc.

Specification of MR-J3-70A Mitsubishi AC Servo Amplifier: 




Mitsubishi Electric

Country/Region of


Product Name

AC servo drive

Product series

MELSERVO J3 series, MR-J3 series

Output Rated voltage

3-phase 170VAC

Output Rated current


Main circuit power supply


3-phase 200 to 230VAC 50/60Hz or 1-phase 200 to 230VAC 50/60Hz

Rated active power (kW)

750W / 0.75kW

Compatibile servo motor

HF-KP series, HF-MP series, HF-JP series
HC-UP series

Control system

Sine-wave PWM control/current control system

Dynamic brake


Positioning feedback pulse

Encoder resolution: 262144 p/rev

Structure (IP rating)

Fan cooling open (IP00)


H168mm x W60mm x D185mm

Besides, we also have the following models:

MR-J3-10B, MR-J3-20B, MR-J3-40B, MR-J3-60B, MR-J3-70B, MR-J3-100B, MR-J3-200B, MR-J3-350B, MR-J3-500B, MR-J3-700B.

If you need a Mitsubishi servo amplifier, YASKAWA servo amplifier, Fuji servo amplifier or other brand, welcome your inquiry, we’ll try our best to service you. 

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