ERN1130 600 ID682086-03 HEIDENHAIN SUMTAK Rotary Encoder Incremental Encoder

ERN1130 600 ID682086-03 HEIDENHAIN SUMTAK Rotary Encoder Incremental Encoder

• ERN1130 600 ID:682086-03 for HEIDENHAIN rotary encoder

• HEIDENHAIN | SUMTAK - ERN 1130 600 / ID: 682086-03

• Incremental rotary encoder with mounted stator coupling

• ERN 1100 series SUMTAK Encoder

• HEIDENHAIN Sumtak rotary encoder

• ERN1130 series Heidenhain encoders

• Heidenhain rotary encoder

• Incremental encoder 35 mm Series Rotary Encoders

SUMTAK is a branch of HEIDENHAIN, HEIDENHAIN Sumtak ERN1130 600 ID682086-03 Hollow shaft rotary encoder, also called incremental rotary encoder, Heidenhain encoders, SUMTAK Encoder, ERN 1100 series, ERN1130 series. ERN1130 600 ID682086-03 with integral bearing, 10.8V to 26.4V, shaft 8mm, incremental measuring method, Output current <= 40 mA, IP20.

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Specification of HEIDENHAIN | SUMTAK - ERN 1130 600 / ID: 682086-03:



Brand Name


Place of Origin



SUMTAK Encoder


ERN1130 600 ID:682086-03



Scanning frequency

<= 200 kHz

Power supply

10.8V to 26.4V

Current consumption

<= 70 mA

Output current

<= 40 mA


With integral bearing

Measuring Method



Blind hollow shaft D = 8 mm

Electrical connection

Cable 1 m, 3 m, 5 m without coupling

Protection EN 60 529

IP20 (IP66 when shaft is stationary)

Mech. permissible speed n

6000 min1

Starting torque (at 20°C)

0.005 Nm

Heidenhain ERN 1100 Series rotary encoder also includes:

ERN 1120, ERN 1123, ERN 1130, ERN 1190. 

We also supply different brands of industrial parts, like Panasonic, Mitsubishi, NIDEC SHIMPO, Pizzato, etc. 

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