Nippon Oil Pump TOP-11MAVB With Releif VB Valve Positive-displacement Pump

Nippon Oil Pump TOP-11MAVB With Releif VB Valve Positive-displacement Pump

. Nippon Oil Pump TOP-11MAVB Trochoid Pump

. NIPPON GEROTOR gerotor pump

. Trochoid® Pumps counter-clockwise with VB valve

. TOP-11MAVB - trochoid Pumps 

. 1MA pumphead with relief valve

. NOP TOP-11MAVB positive-displacement pump

. #TOP11MAVB gerotor pumps

. Rotary positive displacement pump

TOP-11MAVB pumphead with releif valve is one kind of small capacity Trochoid® Pumps, made by Nippon Oil Pump( NOP), also called positive displacement pumps and rotary pumps, counter-clockwise( cc) rotation with VB valve seen from end of shaft, 60Hz, 1800RPm, theoretical discharge: 2.7L/min. Relief Valve Set Pressure: 0.5MPa; 50Hz,1500RPm, theoretical discharge:2.2L/min, Relief Valve Set Pressure: 0.3MPa. It can transfer hydraulic fluid, lubricating oil, and liquid.


Feature of Nippon Oil Pump TOP-11MAVB:

. Transfer hydraulic fluid, Lubricating oil, Liquid

. Smaller capacity

. Low pressure 

. Compact & light 

. working temperature: -5 to 80 degree

Specification of Nippon Oil Pump TOP-11MAVB:




NOP / Nippon Oil Pump

Country/Region of Manufacture



TOP-11MA series

Model/ Type


Serial No./ S/N:



50HZ/ 60HZ

Rotation Speed

1500min-1/ 1800min-1

Theoretical Discharge (L/min)

2.2/ 2.7

Max.Pressure for Motor Output( MPa)

0.5/ 0.3

Max. Revolution

2000 min-1

Inlet/Outlet Port Connection


Besides TOP-11MAVB, We also supplyTOP-10MA, TOP-11MA, TOP-12MA, TOP-13MA.

The TOP-11MAVB model is designed for various industrial applications where precise fluid handling. It has reliable performance, high efficiency, and durability features. it can be used in diverse industries such as automotive, machinery, and manufacturing.

Various brand pumps can be offered on your needs, like Bosch Rexroth, NIPPON OIL PUMP, ANSON, you can select a pump by application and oil temperature in your system.

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