MR-J3-40A-KE005 AC Servo Drive MITSUBISHI MELSERVO J3 Series Servo Amplifier

MR-J3-40A-KE005 AC Servo Drive MITSUBISHI MELSERVO J3 Series Servo Amplifier

. MITSUBISHI AC servo driver MR-J3-40A-KE005

. MR-J3-40A-KE005 servo motor driver

. MELSERVO-J3 400W AC Amplifier servo motor drive

. MELSERVO J3 series Mitsubishi servo amplifier servo-driven

. MITSUBISHI MR-J3-40A-KE005 AC servo drive

. MRJ340AKE005 Mitsubishi servo drive

. Servo drives MELSERVO-J3 series motor driver for servo motor

. MR-J3 series MITSUBISHI AC industrial servo driver

MR-J3-40A-KE005 AC industrial servo motor driver also called MRJ340AKE005 Mitsubishi servo amplifier, belongs to the MELSERVO J3 series, made by Mitsubishi Electric,it is one kind of control system with built-in dynamic brake and built-in regenerative resistor. rated output 400W, rated current 2.8A, supply voltage 200Vac-230Vac, 1 phase or 3 phase input. It has RS-422 communication capability.

Features of AC servo driver MR-J3-40A-KE005:

.Higher performance in the industry. more features, more convenient to use.

.Supports global standards

.High-speed controllers for ultra-short positioning times; average speed frequency response 2100Hz

.Auto tuning for extremely fast setup and installation

.Advanced vibration suppression for outstanding adaptation to machine requirements

Specification of AC servo driver MR-J3-40A-KE005:



Brand Name


Place of Origin



Mitsubishi Electric

Model Number




Input 1

2.6A 3PH+1PH200-230V 50HZ

Input 2

2.6A 3PH+1PH200-230V 60HZ

Input 3

3.9A 1PH200-230V 50HZ/60HZ


170V 0-360HZ. 2.8A



Interface type

SSCNET type III fiber communication


The MR-J3 series includes servo motors and amplifiers (Ethercat) network CC-link systems, MELSERVO MR-J3 series Industrial Servo Drive usually includes:

MR-J3-40A, MR-J3-40A-ETHERCAT, MR-J3-40A-KE003, MR-J3-40A-KE005, MR-J3-40A1, MR-J3-40A1S042, MR-J3-40A4-RJ070, MR-J3-40ARJ070, MR-J3-40AS042, MR-J3-10A, MR-J3-200A, MR-J3-40B, MR-J3-500B, MR-J3-20A, MR-J3-350A, MR-J3-60B, MR-J3-700B, MR-J3-40A, MR-J3-500A, MR-J3-70B, MR-J3-10A1, MR-J3-60A, MR-J3-700A, MR-J3-100B, MR-J3-20A1, MR-J3-70A, MR-J3-10B, MR-J3-200B, MR-J3-40A1, MR-J3-1000A, MR-J3-20B, MR-J3-350B, MR-J3-60A1

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