ANSON PVF-30-35-11 Hydraulic Vane Pump Variable Displacement

ANSON PVF-30-35-11 Hydraulic Vane Pump Variable Displacement

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ANSON PVF-30-35-11 Hydraulic Vane Pump Variable Displacement

This is Anson Hydraulic Vane Pumps PVF Series, the model number is PVF-30-35-11. It is widely used in industrial application.

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ANSON PVF-30-35-11 Vane Pump specifications:

Model: PVF-30-35-11

Max Displacement: 16 cc/rev

Max Working Pressure: 30~55 Mpa

Shaft Speed Range: 800-1800 r/min

Rotation: Right from shaft end


Product Type: Vane Pump

Material: Cast iron

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A rotary vane pump, also known as a vacuum pump, is a a type of positive displacement pump that uses blades (called vanes) that slide in and out of a rotor slot to move into the fluid. This action creates a suction force that pumps the fluid. Vane pumps are particularly useful for pumping thin liquids at high pressures. These pumps have low pulsation, accurate flow rates, and their hardened parts are resistant to wear, which extends the life of the pump.

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There are three main types of hydraulic vane pump:

Unbalanced fixed displacement vane pump.

Balanced fixed displacement vane pump.

Variable displacement vane pump.

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Rotary vane pumps apply to a variety of application that includes the following and many others:

Aerosol and Propellants

Aviation Service Fuel Transfer, Deicing

Auto Industry Fuels, Lubes, Refrigeration Coolants

Bulk Transfer of LPG and NH3

LPG Cylinder Filling


Refrigeration Freons, Ammonia


Aqueous solutions

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Vane pump functions:

• pressure control: vane pumps can provide a certain pressure of liquid in the hydraulic system of the machine to control the operating speed of the equipment and the working condition of the relevant hydraulic components;

• Torque adjustment: vane pumps in the hydraulic system can be adjusted to manufacture the torque required by the process equipment in order to achieve complex machining processes;

• Movement direction control: vane pump hydraulic pump can also realize the hydraulic actuating elements of one-way, two-way and multi-directional movement control, so as to achieve a variety of mechanical equipment action;

• Excitation control: vane pump hydraulic pump can also be used as a driving element loaded with a certain relief valve, to complete different types of excitation control, such as regulating automotive braking systems and some industrial equipment control systems.

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More Anson hydraulic vane pumps can be supplied here:

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PVF-30-20-11, PVF-30-35-11, PVF-30-55-11, PVF-30-70-11, PVF-30-20-11S, PVF-30-35-11S, PVF-30-55-11S, PVF-30-70-11S,
PVF-40-20-11, PVF-40-35-11, PVF-40-55-11, PVF-40-70-11, PVF-40-20-11S, PVF-40-35-11S, PVF-40-55-11S, PVF-40-70-11S
PVDF-3-70-3-70-16, PVDF-3-55-3-55-16, PVDF-3-35-3-35-16, PVDF-3-20-3-20-16, PVDF-3-70-4-20-16, PVDF-3-55-4-35-16, PVDF-3-35-4-55-16, PVDF-3-20-4-70-16,
PVDF-4-70-4-70-16, PVDF-4-55-4-55-16, PVDF-4-35-4-35-10, PVDF-4-20-4-20-16,
PVDF-4-20-3-70-16, PVDF-4-35-3-55-16, PVDF-4-55-3-35-10, PVDF-4-70-3-20-16,
PVDF-3-70-3-70-16-S, PVDF-3-55-3-55-16-S, PVDF-3-35-3-35-16-S, PVDF-3-20-3-20-16-S,
PVDF-3-70-4-20-16-S, PVDF-3-55-4-35-16-S, PVDF-3-35-4-55-16-S, PVDF-3-20-4-70-16-S,
PVDF-4-70-4-70-16-S, PVDF-4-55-4-55-16-S, PVDF-4-35-4-35-10-S, PVDF-4-20-4-20-16-S,
PVDF-4-20-3-70-16-S, PVDF-4-35-3-55-16-S, PVDF-4-55-3-35-10-S, PVDF-4-70-3-20-16-S,
PVDF2-A20-A20-15, PVDF2-B35-A35-15, PVDF2-C55-A55-15, PVDF2-D70-A70-15,
PVDF2-A35-A20-15, PVDF2-A35-A35-15, PVDF2-A35-A55-15, PVDF2-A35-A70-15,
PVDF2-A55-A20-15, PVDF2-A55-A35-15, PVDF2-A55-A55-15, PVDF2-A55-A70-15,
PVDF2-A70-A20-15, PVDF2-A70-A35-15, PVDF2-A70-A55-15, PVDF2-A70-A70-15,
PVDF2-B20-B20-15, PVDF2-B20-C35-15, PVDF2-C20-D55-15, PVDF2-D20-A70-15,
PVDF2-B35-B20-15, PVDF2-B35-C35-15, PVDF2-B35-D55-15, PVDF2-B35-A70-15,
PVDF2-B55-B20-15, PVDF2-B55-C35-15, PVDF2-B55-D55-15, PVDF2-B55-A70-15,
PVDF2-B70-B20-15, PVDF2-B70-C35-15, PVDF2-B70-D55-15, PVDF2-B70-A70-15,
PVDF2-C20-A20-15, PVDF2-B35-B35-15, PVDF2-C55-D55-15, PVDF2-D70-A70-15,
PVDF2-C35-B20-15, PVDF2-B35-B35-15, PVDF2-C35-D55-15, PVDF2-D35-A70-15,
PVDF2-C55-B20-15, PVDF2-B55-B35-15, PVDF2-C55-D55-15, PVDF2-D55-A70-15,
PVDF2-C70-B20-15, PVDF2-C70-B35-15, PVDF2-C70-D55-15, PVDF2-D70-A70-15,
PVDF2-A20-A20-15S, PVDF2-B35-A35-15S, PVDF2-C55-A55-15S, PVDF2-D70-A70-15S,
PVDF2-A35-A20-15S, PVDF2-A35-A35-15S, PVDF2-A35-A55-15S, PVDF2-A35-A70-15S,
PVDF2-A55-A20-15S, PVDF2-A55-A35-15S, PVDF2-A55-A55-15S, PVDF2-A55-A70-15S,
PVDF2-A70-A20-15S, PVDF2-A70-A35-15S, PVDF2-A70-A55-15S, PVDF2-A70-A70-15S,
PVDF2-B20-B20-15S, PVDF2-B20-C35-15S, PVDF2-C20-D55-15S, PVDF2-D20-A70-15S,
PVDF2-B35-B20-15S, PVDF2-B35-C35-15S, PVDF2-B35-D55-15S, PVDF2-B35-A70-15S,
PVDF2-B55-B20-15S, PVDF2-B55-C35-15S, PVDF2-B55-D55-15S, PVDF2-B55-A70-15S,
PVDF2-B70-B20-15S, PVDF2-B70-C35-15S, PVDF2-B70-D55-15S, PVDF2-B70-A70-15S,
PVDF2-C20-A20-15S, PVDF2-B35-B35-15S, PVDF2-C55-D55-15S, PVDF2-D70-A70-15S,
PVDF2-C35-B20-15S, PVDF2-B35-B35-15S, PVDF2-C35-D55-15S, PVDF2-D35-A70-15S,
PVDF2-C55-B20-15S, PVDF2-B55-B35-15S, PVDF2-C55-D55-15S, PVDF2-D55-A70-15S,
PVDF2-C70-B20-15S, PVDF2-C70-B35-15S, PVDF2-C70-D55-15S, PVDF2-D70-A70-15S.

There are many famous brands pumps can be supplied by Rico, such as Yuken, EATON, ELITE, NACHI, TOKIMEC, NICO, ANSON, OMAX, ATOS, REXROTH, Emerson, Parker, VICKERS, etc.

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Rico also can supply various other tools and spare parts, such as woodworking machine parts, CNC router tools, Industrial automation parts, linear motion system, etc.

You can find what you want through Rico, please contact us freely.

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