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Choosing the best suitable cnc machine involves researching if its specifications match the needs of the project, the amount of work it can handle and its maintenance requirements. So you must consider your company's needs, from budget to longevity to service and beyond.

Different demands, different machine configuration, and different cost. The best machine is the suitable machine. Take cnc router machine for example, below is the things we should take into consideration:
1, Consider what material to work on: acrylic, plastic, wood, stone, foam, steel, nonmetal materials and so on.
2, Working area of the cnc machine: according to you product size to choose the machine’s working area. For example if work on 4 x 8 feet panel, working area 1300 x 2500mm machine is suitable for use.
3, Control system of the machine: DSP handle control, NC Studio PCI computer control, Syntec, LNC, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Fagor and so on. DSP control is easy to operate and good to new CNC users. Nc studio control work near to the machine, easy to edit programs. Syntec and other control system usually used with big cnc machine and multi-function cnc machine, had better operated by professional cnc operator.
4, Spindle type and power: air cooled or water cooled is optional, if most time in your country is very cold, suggest choose air cooled spindle, if you want the working environment very quiet, suggest choose water cooled. As to the power it depends on doing carving or cutting on what material. The thicker and the harder, the more powerful spindle needed.
5, Motor type: servo motor or stepper motor is optional; servo closed-loop vs. stepper open-loop, make servo motor have different control precision, low frequency characteristics, torque frequency, overload capacity, running performance, speed response performance, and servo motor is much expensive than stepper motor. Servo motor is usually used with big machine and high precision needed machine.
6, Working table type: vacuum suction table or clamp table is optional. Vacuum table hold the workpiece quickly and tightly, save time to fix the workpiece, but vacuum pump cost electricity power. Clamp table fix the workpiece by clamps manually. Usually vacuum table is used for mostly cutting, clamp table is used for mostly carving. Because carving needs more time, so clamp table save power and low the cost.
7, Rotary axis: rotary axis device is optional. If you also work on cylinder, round workpiece, you need to add rotary axis attachment to the machine.
8, Working voltage: 220V single phase, 220V 3phase, 380V 3phase, 415V 3phase and so on, you should make it sure. Ensure the cnc machine we sent is suitable for your use.

At last and the most important is choose a professional cnc machine provider with good after-sales service. Customer support should also be readily available in case any maintenance or technical issues arise in the future.

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